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What Does A Good Conclusion For A Research Paper Look Like?

Every paper written requires a conclusion if not for anything else to show the reader that you are concluding your work. For a research paper, the main purpose of the conclusion is to summarize the purpose and the content of your paper. There are various tactics one can employ in writing a good conclusion. There are also various elements that one may need to take into consideration when writing the conclusion.

The various elements to be included are;

  • A restatement of your topic
  • A restatement of your paper thesis
  • A summary of your main points from the paper
  • Summarize your argument
  • In case needed, make a call of action to the reader

The conclusion is basically a summary of all the things that you have discussed in the research paper. In restating the thesis and the topics of the paper, ensure that you do not use the same words that you used when introducing the topic and the thesis. This way, you get to reiterate what you were talking about earlier but not in the same words.

When adding the points up, all you need to include is a summary. This only works well if the body of the research paper includes a thorough discussion of your main points. The call of action should only be used when deemed appropriate as it is not essential to all research papers.

The tactics involved in making a conclusion effective include sticking to basic information in the conclusion. No new topics and information should be introduced in the conclusion as it is just a summary of the paper.

The conclusion also needs to create a connection in your paper. There should be a circle formation that links the introduction, the body and the conclusion. You can try reiterating information said in the introduction. Questions asked in the introduction can be answered directly in the conclusion.

The conclusion also needs to include a logical opinion formed on the basis of the paper. This is especially the case when the paper covered two sides of a topic. If no clear logic could be formed based on you research, you can also state that in the conclusion.

Other than the above said, you can create a good conclusion by asking or posing a question for the reader or making a suggestion for them to validate. This however, may not be an appropriate strategy for all research papers.

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