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Selection of 20 research paper topics about European history

One thing that is distinct about the European History is that it is mostly marked by immigration and colonization. It is through these means that Europeans were able to spread their civilization tenets in politics, religion and social conventions. While most of the countries that were former colonies of Europe have already gotten their independence, the influence that Europe has continues to remain. The continued expansion of the interest of Europeans through colonization has birthed the global Eurocentric perspective which continues until the modern day.

  1. The structure and organization of the Aztec military
  2. The role of gender in England witch craze: An analysis of why most witches were women
  3. An examination of the cause and effect of world war 1
  4. The place of diet & health in the industrial revolution in England
  5. Peacekeeping in ancient Medieval as well as early modern times
  6. The financing of the Notre Dame cathedral
  7. The role played by women in the French revolution
  8. The impact of colonialism in Africa
  9. The introduction and impact of Christianity on Europe
  10. The role on Portugal in slave and spice trade
  11. The impact of African salve trade on the economic development of European nations
  12. The effect of the French revolution on the rights of women
  13. The Jewish Holocaust vs the Great famine in Ireland
  14. A critical examination of the development of Jewry in East Europe
  15. The Big Frontier war: France, Britain and the struggle to acquire north America
  16. The impact of World War II on the social and economic of Europe
  17. The cause and impact of the French vs. Indian war
  18. Roman Empire: What led to the fall of the Roman Empire?
  19. The Robin Hood legend. Did he really exist or was he just a literature figure in England?
  20. Effects of crusades in Europe

Remember that there are many other possible topics on the European history. In case you have any other idea that you are considering writing on, a good suggestion would be to have it approved by your instructor. You should also bear in mind that the thesis statement is different from the topic. The goal of the thesis statement is to deal with the interpretation and it is more than just but a simple report.

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