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An Introduction To Modern Chemistry: Paper Writing Hints

Modern chemistry is a very wide subject, having a lot of areas and verging on other subjects such as physics, mathematics and biology. Therefore, an introduction to it should essentially be an outline that sets borders on the subject and gives concise information on its main fields. As far as writing a research paper is concerned, it should follow the general rules for writing such works.

Writing a Research Paper on Modern Chemistry: Helpful Hints

  • Do solid research.
  • Chemistry is a subject on which there is a lot of information, both in libraries and on the Internet. Encyclopedias, books, blog posts and articles are at your disposal. Try to use a minimum of four sources to make your research professional. Make sure that you use relatively up-to-date sources: you are writing about modern chemistry and are supposed to include the information on the latest discoveries and tendencies.

  • Don’t forget to make an outline.
  • The flow of thoughts in your research paper should be logical and easy to follow. To ensure this, make an outline of the work before you start writing. Start with stating your thesis, follow with arguments supporting it, and conclude by summing up your arguments and restating the thesis. Having an outline before your eyes will make it easier to write consistently and without omitting anything essential.

  • Write simply.
  • Don’t use scientific jargon in your composition. Keep your language simple and understandable so that not only chemists, but also a broad audience, can read your study. If you don’t feel confident enough to convey your thoughts or don’t know where to start, you can visit this resource and have experts write the paper for you.

  • Include an abstract.
  • An abstract is a stand-alone part of the paper that should allow the reader to grasp the meaning of the paper without reading it. Make it around 250 words, briefly summarizing the content of your paper without getting deeper into the details.

Other Important Points

Make a Reference List at the end of your research paper. It should contain all the sources you referred to in your paper in alphabetical order by author. Include only those materials you have actually cited in your study rather than all sources of information used. Take a break after writing. It will help you have a fresh eye when rereading the work. The latter is highly desirable and even necessary in order to get rid of awkward passages and phrases, and correct grammatical errors.

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