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How To Create A 6-Page Research Paper: A Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to writing a research paper for school, you want to know how to do it step-by-step so that you are sure to get it right. If you follow these steps, you can successfully complete a six page paper for your assignment.

Step One: Deciding on a topic

You will start by deciding on the topic that you will write your paper on. You want it to be something that you find interesting so that you will not care about doing the research. You will have to read several sources to conduct the research that you need to successfully complete the paper. If you choose a good topic, this is no issue at all.

Step Two: Creating your study

You will know decide what your study will be about. Decide on a research topic that you will write your paper on. The research topic should be like a hypothesis that you will make about your topic. Then you will conduct the research to prove it right or wrong.

Step Three: Conduct your research

Read many articles pertaining to your topic. Take notes and write down some direct quotes. You will patch your direct quotes into the paper to prove the various points.

Step Four: Setting up your paper

The next step will be to set up your paper. You can create an outline to determine how you will present your evidence for your piece. You can make sure that it is formatted properly and decide how to get the information that you need.

Step Five: Write your draft

Utilize the information that you have to develop your draft. This is your first attempt at not only presenting the background information, but the information about how you conducted the study and the results. You want your audience to be able to duplicate it, so it has to be detailed.

Step Six: Editing the draft

Then you will edit your draft to make sure that it makes sense and to make sure that you have no errors in your paper. Read it out loud a few times. It is the best way to catch most errors. Then you can even have someone else read through it to catch the things that you may have missed.

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