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A List Of 18 Interesting Research Paper Topics Suggested By A+ Students

There are various things to consider when choosing a good research paper topic, such as how comprehensive the topic is that you wish to discuss. For example, if you need to write a 10 page paper then it is important that you choose a subject with enough depth. To give you some ideas of what you can write about, the following is a list of 18 interesting research paper topics.

  1. Discuss the extent of deforestation in the Amazon and what impact this is having on the surrounding areas
  2. Analyze and discuss the way in which garbage is disposed of in the United States, and whether there are environmentally friendly alternatives to using landfill sites
  3. Evaluate the positives and negatives of gambling legislation, and whether the money raised in taxes is beneficial enough to allow the destruction that can occur as a result of gambling addiction
  4. Discuss the legislation relating to adoption rights in countries around the world and what impact it has on the lives of young people who are adopted
  5. Discuss the impact of age discrimination in the employment market
  6. Compare and contrast the legislation and punishments associated with hate crimes and terrorist acts
  7. Compare and contrast the gun legislation in different states in the US, and what impact this has on gun-related homicides and other gun-related crime
  8. What impact does OPEC have on the global economy, and describe why it might choose to increase or decrease supply, even if this can be financially detrimental in the short-term?
  9. Discuss the rights of new mothers and fathers, and whether or not the differences in maternity and paternity legislation are acceptable in the 21st century in societies that want to minimize discrimination
  10. To what extent do rich nations have a duty of care to provide aid and other help to nations that suffer serious natural disasters?
  11. Compare and contrast state-funded terrorism and state-funded military forces
  12. Should governments carry out more comprehensive security checks on refugees when crossing borders?
  13. Outline and discuss the various privacy conditions used by social media websites and whether or not they are acceptable
  14. What support is available to military veterans?
  15. Discuss the history of engineering in relation to welding techniques
  16. Discuss how humans bred different dog breeds to serve different purposes
  17. What is white privilege and does it exist within the media?
  18. Discuss the rise of reality television in the 21st century

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