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Choosing The Best Topic For A Research Paper – Tips And Tricks

There are numerous topics you can base your research paper on. However, some will only make your paper ordinary to the point of not attracting the attention of any other reader other than your examiner. This reduces the value of your effort and may be considered as waste of valuable time. How then can you identify the best topic?

Follow Your Passion

Passion is the driving force that will keep you working on the paper even when your energy runs low. Passion provides insight that can be felt in the points you make and how well you present them. Choose a topic in your area of interest because it substantially reflects in the quality of your work.

Be Relevant

The best topic for any research paper is one that is relevant to your field of study and the society. Your paper should seek to provide a solution to a problem or issue facing the society. Beyond the society, it should have an academic context. Your topic should therefore fit within the context of other papers produced in your field. This means that it must not contradict existing body of knowledge unless that contradiction is justified. It must also add value to your discipline.

Make it Fresh

Every reader is in search of fresh ideas when picking any paper. Keep away from areas that have received a lot of attention unless you are providing a unique and new perspective. Use fresh words to construct your title which makes it to appear new in the eyes of a reader.


Do not waste time trying to figure out the topic without making headways. Consult your teacher or supervisor to get valuable guidance. These parties understand academic expectations as well as your strength. They will guide you on an appropriate topic for your paper.

Here is a list of excellent topics to consider for your research paper

  1. What happens during sleep?

  2. How does prolonged use of steroids affect an individual?

  3. What is the history of Olympics sports?

  4. What caused the economic crisis in 2008?

  5. How do thousands of bees live in a single beehive?

  6. Are the effects of tobacco reversible?

  7. Which pet is healthier, a cat or a dog?

  8. Should Socrates have been executed?

  9. What is a black hole and does it present any danger to the earth?

  10. What is the future of submarines?

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