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4 Ingredients Of A Winning Research Paper For A Science Fair Project

Science can be a lot of fun when it is put to practice rather than simply studied from textbooks in school. You have the opportunity to test out new ideas and concepts, and exhibit them to the world when you participate in a science fair project. However, there is a little bit of writing involved in the form of a research paper but that can also be completed in an efficient manner if you know the right tips and tricks. The four most important ones are presented below.

Creating an outline

Before you begin gathering information on the science topic you have chosen, you need to come up with an effective background plan that will provide you with a sort of guideline on how to proceed. You should ensure that you take sufficient notes from the different information resources at your disposal.

Understanding the components

The main idea behind your science paper should be to provide relevant information to your readers as to why your experiment proceeds in a certain way. It is important that your paper include:

  1. A brief history of similar inventions or experiments
  2. Explanations of all the important concepts and keywords used in the experiment
  3. Answers to your background study questions
  4. Any mathematics formulas that you might require to describe the outcome

Importance of citations

In case you have included pictures or facts in your paper, you should write a citation that tells the reader where you sourced your information from. A citation should consist of the author's name as well as the publication data. The main purpose of your citations will be the documentation of your sources in a clear, brief and accurate manner. In case you have copied any text from your sources, you should put it witin quotation marks aside from the citation. This will help you prevent plagiarism. You should never copy the work of another person and claim it to be your own.

Division of your work

Make sure that your research paper is properly divided into different sections. Each section is relevant and you cannot skip any of them. The order in which most teachers prefer the paper to be written in is as follows:

  • Title page, including the name of the project, your name and the date
  • The main report
  • Bibliography
  • You should check in with your teacher once to see if you've missed out on any additions such as table of contents and page numbers.

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