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A Collection of Popular Music Research Paper Topics for Free

Music is not just a way of amusement, it’s an exceptionally interesting field for research. If you decided to connect your life with music, writing a research paper will be a necessary part of your musical education. A careful studying of music gives us a clearer understanding of how different sounds interact with each other and why these sound combinations impact people.

Choosing a Topic for Your Academic Research in Music

There is literally a vast spectrum of phenomena to be explored within this sphere: musical genres, history and its outstanding representatives, national and cultural diversity of styles and instruments and way more. One of the most marvelous and mysterious topics is the influence of music on physical and mental condition of a person. Though there are many things still undiscovered, students often have troubles when it comes to formulating a good topic.

The list of ideas below may serve as an example to help you find inspiration for your own special investigation.

  1. The invention of musical instruments: their type and initial purpose.
  2. The connection between music and mathematics.
  3. Electronic music and its artistic value.
  4. The effect of musical pieces on human health and brain activity.
  5. Distinguishing features of music in Renaissance.
  6. Factors which contributed to the decadence of the era of classical music.
  7. How has music become a commercial product?
  8. National Chinese musical instruments in modern compositions.
  9. Are there songs which can be sung only by men or only by women?
  10. A comparison of musical activity of classical and contemporary neoclassical composers.
  11. The art and importance of conductor’s work.
  12. Musical techniques used to reproduce various shades of mood.
  13. How just and objective are musical awards? What criteria do they pay attention to when nominating and awarding a musician?
  14. What is unique about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s talent?
  15. The influence of lisztomania on our state of mind.
  16. Will there always be melodies unwritten or will music reach the endpoint one day?
  17. Which musical genre was the most remarkable in the XX century?
  18. Ways to recognize and develop an ear for music.
  19. Music in movie industry.
  20. What differentiates good and bad music?
  21. Picking up a successful one will certainly ease your search of materials and turn writing your academic paper into pleasure.

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