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Why Should I Prepare An Outline For Writing A Research Paper?

Frequently students skip past preparing an outline and immediately get down to the actual writing of an essay or research paper. Its role in creating a paper shouldn’t be underestimated. First of all, planning will help you develop an overall structure. Secondly, the system of points and sub-points will ensure that you unfold your ideas logically and sequentially, and that you have arguments to support every question raised in a particular paragraph. Outlines are essential because they:

  • Help you collect your thoughts.
  • It’s an awful waste of time looking at a blank page and trying to write the first words. Having a prior sketch of the introduction, of what you’re going to prove in the body paragraphs, and of the expected results in the conclusion will prevent you from getting stuck in the middle of the writing process. List the main points to be discussed and proved. They will serve as a skeleton for your paper.

  • Indicate weak points.
  • Usually outlines are written using a vertical structure that consists of a numbered list of the key ideas and the supporting arguments for them. Make sure that the number of supporting details you’ve chosen will adequately prove the particular key idea. Look at your list and determine whether all the arguments are relevant or if you should change or rearrange some of them.

  • Help you stick to the main idea.
  • Writing without a detailed plan can lead to an awkward situation if you lose the thread of your argument and start floundering. It can also result in presenting out-of-place information or facts that only vaguely concern the thesis. Having a rough draft on hand will help you stay focused and use the appropriate reasoning to make your arguments more persuasive. You may also figure out how you’ll organize your supporting details: either in the order of gaining intensity, or by presenting the strongest one first.

  • Speed up your work.
  • If you fully visualize how you’ll advance throughout your research paper, this will help your work. Moreover, you can use each key idea and its supporting arguments as a basis for a particular body paragraph. Additionally, while revising your finished writing, you won’t have to pay as much attention to the structure and consistency. You’ll just do proofreading.

Having completed an outline, proceed to writing. All you need is to specify and link the ideas you have drafted. Mind the requirements for a research paper structure. Remember to add references to support your ideas and make them sound more persuasive.

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