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How To Organize A Biology Research Paper Abstract Properly?

An abstract is a short piece which is at the beginning of the thesis. This is a part of all scientific research papers. This abstract is a summary of the research undertaken. This serves the same purpose as an introduction. However, the other services offered by an abstract are to inform the reader of the methods used, the results obtained and the conclusion is drawn from the study. These abstracts are part of the database of the article, and these are given freely to large audiences. That is the reason the abstract is the most widely read part of a scientific paper.

An abstract is like a preview of the entire paper and due to this abstracts are not only published along with the research article but also can be published separately as part of the bibliographical sources. That is the reason why it is important that abbreviations and citations are not used as the abstract should be able to hold it’s own without any footnotes.

These abstracts are useful to other scientists who need to scan numerous articles so that they can decide which articles they need to concentrate on or which of the articles they need to read minutely. The abstract also needs to be less technical than the article. In case it is too technical, the audience may get put off.

To organize the abstract of the biology research paper, you need to write it at the end of completing the article that has been researched. This is done that that there is a concrete introduction rather than just estimates which are put in or results which are projected.

The abstracts need to be just a paragraph long and should contain between one hundred to two hundred and fifty words.

Abstracts need to contain and flow in the following manner:

  • It should start with a sentence giving the background
  • After the background, statements of the predictions, as well as the hypothesis, should be made
  • Followed by the methods which were undertaken
  • Next, would come the results which were achieved.
  • The last statement should be the conclusion of the research or the big picture.

The best method to write the abstract is to write a summary and include whatever you feel is important and then this summary should be chopped down so that only the necessary concepts are retained.

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