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How to create a powerful research paper in high school

High school covers three grades; 8th, 9th and 10th. To put it plainly, it is a ride to your matriculation exam; the first big step on your academic ladder. You need to make an emphatic statement here to suggest your future ambitions to one and all.

The natural limitations

A powerful research paper is the way to go. There are limitations however; firstly, you are not mature enough to work a complicated Methodology, secondly, you are not street-smart yet and this poses its own problem; thirdly, your knowledge on different subjects is almost rudimentary.

Thus, you need to work a way through your limitations and yet shine through. What you lack in growth, you can make up through prescience. Here is the way to go –

  • Pick a popular trend – For instance, energy conservation is an extremely popular trend nowadays. Non-renewable energy sources are on the brink of depletion and the world is staring at a quasi-blank. You can shape you research on this platform.
  • Find the facts – You can take help from seniors and gloat online for credible facts as to how your country is trying to deal with the equation.
  • Plan a method – You need to plan a research method which is feasible and yet effective. Of course, as a high school student, you cannot make subjective plans, mapping different cities and going to varied places.
  • Begin at home – Check out the status of your indoor air quality, the insulation level; the electricity consumed, humidification (all these can be easily ascertained). Compare that with the readings at neighbor’s houses to get a general idea.
  • Green roofs and walls – Check out houses in the society that have green roofs and living walls; people that grow their vegetables on the terrace. Also, keep an eye on the ground maintenance, especially of lawns.
  • Renewable urge – Assess the societal urge to live ecologically. Research whether people are concerned about costs regarding placement of solar panels and rainwater harvesting.
  • Prod your parents – Request your parents to switch entirely to energy star appliances and get licensed electrical inspection. Then research the difference it makes to energy consumption.
  • Vampire electronics – Exhort members of the society to keep their appliances turned off when not in use; especially the TV and chargers.

You thus have a potent energy research compiled out of the resources at hand. Your home and society gives you a credible platform to present a sound and emphatic paper in school.

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