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Where To Look For An Example Research Paper: Helpful Directions

To submit a research paper that is readily accepted and requires little or no changes is not an easy task. A good paper that satisfies the mentor or your teacher can translate into good grades.

You can work hard to collect the required information but the right way to put it down is the most important thing. To have a well written paper, you have to definitely look at different example papers to get a clear idea about how this is written.

Here are some helpful directions for the same:

  1. Search engines are your best friend: Google and Yahoo remain the biggest source of all information that may be available on line. To get hold of the sample papers you should start googling. You will able to find several website where they publish model papers.
  2. Scholarly database: There are several scholarly databases where actual papers are available. You can get hold of thousands of works which have been approved and published online and elsewhere.
  3. Librarian and teachers: You can approach the librarian of your college library or your local library and even your teachers with the topic of your written paper. In all probability, they will point out the useful resources for sampl paper, and have better idea due to their experience.
  4. Academic journals: You can find crisp and well written papers related to your topic in academic journals. One can find help both for humanities and science in journals. You don’t need to look too far to find some good academic journals as most universities subscribe to a large number of academic journals and you can get them either online on your university or college library.
  5. Google Scholar: Go directly to Google Scholar which to access a vast number of academic papers, theses, journals, patents and court proceedings. The site also shows how many times a particular paper was cited.

While looking for example papers, one must carefully take help from internet. It is true that the net is full of useful and credible information provided by experts, but there is also bad information that needs to be avoided. So you need to gain sufficient knowledge on what sort of information should be best included to enrich the content of your write-up.

Good language does not mean correct information. When you find model papers ask, who is the author of the write-up and search for testimonials to learn if other people have found the examples helpful.

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