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Creating An MLA Style Research Paper Title Page

Many assignments in high school and college are writing in the MLA style, yet this style usually doesn’t require you to include a title page. Unless it’s specifically listed in the assignment requirement’s you should be fine using the standard format in which you include your name, the course information and the title of the research paper on the first page of your written text. Still, if your instructor does require a separate title page, it’s a good idea to know what is expected of you. Here’s what you need to know:

The Basic Format

The page should have the same set margins of 1-inch all around. All text on this page should be typed in a standard typeface such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The font should be set to 12-pts, black. Everything should be set to double-space.

The Title Rules

The title should always follow the standard capitalization rules (upper- and lower-case) where the first letter of each word is capitalized. The only exceptions to this rule are short words like prepositions and articles. The first word of the main title should always be capitalized regardless of the type of word. Do not underline, italicize or add quotation marks to the title. The only exception to this is if the title actually includes a quote from another work. For example, “Live and Let Die”: An Analysis of John McCartney’s Post Beatles Work. If you include a subtitle it should start in the line immediately below the main title. It should follow the same rules as the main title (i.e., standard capitalization, no underline, no italics, and no quotation marks).

Name and Course Info

Below the title skip two or three lines (keeping the double-space) so that you are about a halfway down the page. Enter your first and last name, using both upper- and lower-case. Skip another two or three lines so that you are about a quarter page up from the bottom. Enter your course information including your section number if applicable. On the next line type “Professor” followed by your instructor’s first and last name, using both upper-and lower-case. On the next line type the date on which the research paper is due. MLA generally recommends using the European date style (day – month – year or for example, 31 January 2016), but you might just check with your instructor if you are in a region that uses a different format.

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