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Instructions For Writing A Term Paper Cover Page In The APA Format

Writing a title page is one of the most important steps you take when compiling your assignment. A cover page is something your instructors pay their first attention to when looking through your paper. It may have either negative or positive effect on their attitude to the whole paper. The best option is to write it according to requirements, so instructors will think that you are a responsible and mindful student. The following lost of tips will help you write a perfect cover page in the APA format.

  1. Include all components.
  2. Usually, there are several key components of a title page: running head, number of the page, and authors byline. It may also consist of such elements as full title of the paper and author note.

  3. Read the requirements.
  4. There are certain rules for APA formatting. However, your instructors may add some information concerning rules and guidelines. They may include such notions as the professor’s name, tittle of the course, and date of submission. If you don’t understand something, ask your instructors for clarifications.

  5. Format your cover page.
  6. The cover page should be formatted like the rest of the paper. Type it in Times New Roman, 12 pt. It should be double-spaced. Don’t forget to set 1” margins on all sides.

These were some general rules for creating a title page in APA format. There are some other tips that can improve your paper:

  • Running head.
  • All letters of the running head should be capitalized. Don’t write more than 50 characters. Remember, that the words “Running head” should be written only on the title page. Other pages will include the shortened title of the paper.

  • The full title.
  • Center the full title of the paper in the upper half of the page. Make sure you capitalize properly. The title shouldn’t exceed 12 words. Don’t use abbreviations or unnecessary words. There are shouldn’t be any quotation marks. Don’t format the title bold, italics, or underlining.

  • The author byline.
  • Usually, the author byline consists of the following elements: author’s first name, middle name, and last name. The author byline is written after the full title of the paper. If there are two authors, their names must be separated by the word “and”. If there are more than two authors, separate their names by commas.

  • The institutional affiliation.
  • This line should include the name of the institution that provides you with this task. Any other additional information should be written under this line.

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