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Ten Reasonable Ideas for a Literary Research Paper on Hamlet

Hamlet is one of the more popular pieces of literature written by Shakespeare, and there are long lists of different topics that can use to write your research paper on. This list will give you some ideas on what to write about, and it will make writing your paper easier. A good way to write a great paper is to gather more information than to you need on the subject. This will make writing the paper a breeze because then you won’t run out of stuff to write about and it is great to tie in some fun facts while talking about Hamlet.

Ten Reasonable Ideas

  • How did Shakespeare introduce Hamlet to the audience by using literary devices like soliloquy?
  • Does Hamlet fake his madness or is he truly insane?
  • Do Shakespeare’s characters have similarities? Look at Hamlet and Macbeth and compare characters that are the same.
  • Look at Hamlet’s feeling to Ophelia, do they compare to those of Romeo and Juliet?
  • How does Shakespeare use Rosencrantz for comic relief in the story? Does this help break up the darkness of the play?
  • How would the scenes in the play be different if they were all in the perspective of Gertrude?
  • Hamlet could have been set in Paris easily but was set in Denmark, was this necessary for the play?
  • How does the ghost in Hamlet affect the other characters in the story?
  • How does Hamlet display Shakespeare’s opinion of women?
  • What events in the story could have been changes to give the play a positive outcome? Also, would this make the play better or worse?

To have a better understanding of Shakespeare and his plays, it is best to have an understanding to more than one of his plays. Reading more than one of the plays will help you write a better research paper. This will help you compare his literary works easier. To write a literary research paper it is best if you understand the writings of that period, so you not only have to read the play and understand it, but you also have to gather information from other places to write the paper. Take your time and gather everything you need before you start writing to make it go faster.

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