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All You Need To Know About The MLA Research Paper Format

There are countless Handbooks written in MLA style especially for the students who are carrying their research. When your instructor asks you to submit the paper in this format, following guidelines will be of tremendous help to you. Check them out-

General Document settings-

  • Margins: Leave one inch margins on all the four sides- up, down, left and right. Document settings should be adjusted to 12 points possibly in Times New Roman style.
  • Page Number: Name and page number should be written on the upper right hand side of all the pages. It is called the page header.
  • Spaces: After the paragraph is finished, extra spaces should not be left.

Special guidelines:

  • Title block: Write an informative title providing information about the assignment in the title block. It usually includes the name of the student, his instructor’s name, the course number, section and the date of its printing. It should be placed in the centre and should be written on the next line. Try your best to write highly informative and interesting title that offers readers a hint regarding the content while maintaining the curiosity. It should be double spaced. Again no additional spaces should be left below or above the line.
  • Citations: While writing the citations, no commas should be used between the name of the author and the page number. Commas and periods should be used outside the online quotes. Citations are used to reveal your authority and to provide persuasive evidence while leaving no signs of plagiarism .Citations is exceptionally important part of formatting guidelines. It should be done in two stages.
    • First- in the body of the research paper (termed as in-text citations)
    • Secondly- On the separate page that is done at the end of the dissertation paper. You can find this section in the work cited list.
  • Work cited list: Work cited list includes lots of tricky details. The names of all the authors should be arranged alphabetically. It should not be arranged according to the order of the quotes as it appears in other papers. In absence of this list, the research paper stays incomplete. The student should provide complete bibliographical details. Take your own time to do this as this is most tricky and tedious task. Start with a fresh page. Leave no extra spaces. Sort all the entries of the author in an alphabetical order with the author’s last name. For government agencies or non- profit organizations, they should be cited accordingly. Hanging indent paragraph format should be used while maintaining double spaces in the documents.

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