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8 Great Topic Suggestions For A Research Paper About Violent Video Games

Violence in video games has been a hotly debated subject for a number of years. Parents, politicians, and teenagers have all chimed in with a variety of positions. The jury is still out on whether or not violent games negatively affect society, and as such it is a subject that makes for a great research paper assignment. Here are eight great research paper topic suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Conduct a critical analysis of bullying in schools and how it relates to violence in video games. Is there a link between the two and if so what do propose the best approach to making parents and teenagers aware of the influence violent games has on this behavior?
  2. How can militaries use violent video games as a training tool for soldiers who are going to see combat? Would it aid in keeping soldiers protected if say they actually were controlling some kind of machinery or robotic in safety?
  3. How do violent video games affect behavior in people in different age groups? How about people across different cultures? Does the evidence support the claim that violence in games can trigger violent behaviors in real life?
  4. Is bad behavior caused by playing too many violent video games? Provide a case study on behavior across different age groups and determine whether there is a link between the two. Are there other factors that could potentially contribute to behavioral issues?
  5. What evidence is there to support that violent shootings in schools are linked to violence in video games? Should there be age restrictions on who can and who can purchase these types of games? Should parents be held responsible for children’s choice of games?
  6. How does the culture of violence in video games differ in different parts of the world? Does this suggest that school violence may be linked to other factors and not just what types of games are being played by children and teenagers?
  7. Does violence in video games affect the way a student learns certain subjects? Are certain subjects more affected than others? And would changing teaching techniques help adjust for the increased existence of violent games in society?
  8. Are violent video games more harmful for people in a particular age group or do they have relatively similar affects across people in all groups? If there is a difference what are the most noteworthy effects?

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