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Composing A Research Paper Title Page: 5 Vital Tips

Are you in the process of creating a research paper title page, but have no idea how it must be done? Then spend the time to learn some vital tips that will elevate your understanding of how the title page must be created. You’ll find that all it takes is a few simple tips to arrive at a title page that will stand out amongst the crowd. With that thought in mind, here are the top 5 tips to consider:

  1. Ask Your Education Establishment
  2. The facility where you are receiving your education from might have unique requirements regarding what the rules are. Therefore, you should enquire what they are to make sure the correct set of rules are followed. Online you can get some advice, but the rules set by your examiners are most important.

  3. Title
  4. The actual title must be formatted to the center and roughly halfway down the page. The title should clearly highlight what the paper will is about, and it should be interesting. By grabbing the reader’s attention from the beginning you stand a great change of setting a first great impression.

  5. Personal Details
  6. It’s also common practice to place all of your personal details on the front page. This should include the educational establishment where you study, your full name, and the date you intend to submit the piece of work. The details of the supervisor might also be required, but this depends on the rules of the department you are studying at.

  7. Running Head
  8. Another element that must be present is the running head. This is just another version of the title that will be shorter – usually as short as 50 characters long. It must be formatted so that it’s justified to the left, and you’ll need to place it in the header of each page.

  9. Page Numbers
  10. When creating the front page take the time to create the page numbers also. In the word processing document that you are using there should be a function to auto-create page numbers. This means you’ll crate the page numbers on the front page, and they’ll automatically be entered into the rest of the pages.

By following the rules outlined in this article you’ll have a great shot at creating a research paper title page that will get the top marks by the examiners.

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