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Understanding The Research Paper Writing Format – 5 Quick Tips

It is not every student that would proudly tell you that they have mastered the research paper writing format. A good number of students, even after they have written several of such papers, still find themselves struggling each time there is the need for them to write such academic paper. If you are experiencing the same dilemma, then it would be a relief to understand you are not alone in it. For you to better understand this particular paper’s writing format, here are five quick tips for you. They are:

  • Work On Your Hypothesis: Most students who shy away from including hypothesis statement in their research paper usually do so for one reason – to avoid being called upon to defend their hypothesis. However, as a smart student who has a full grasp on his or her experiments, you should not miss the opportunity to tell your readers what you are out to prove and at the end, prove same.
  • Work On Your Layout: In most cases, your professor would tell you the format for your paper. Based on this format, you should then be able to work out the structure of your paper. Whichever it is, the common font type and size remains Times New Roman and font 12. The page numberings, headers and footers should also be uniform with line spacing at not less than double.
  • Body Of Paragraphs: This part of your research paper should be given adequate attention. The spacing between paragraphs should be consistent. All the major ideas should not take away from each other but rather, add to each other. This way, a smooth transition between paragraphs and the rest of the work will be assure.
  • References: You definitely have used other people’s materials or data in writing your paper and as such, you should give them good credit in the reference page of your research paper. If you are using the MLA format, make sure all information is well-presented.
  • Correct Grammar And Punctuation: No matter your field of study, the grammar and punctuation contained in your work greatly impacts on the format. If you make use of incorrect spellings and your work is badly punctuated, then you will lose a lot of marks but not only that, your readers will conclude you are a lazy student who is not given to proper researches.

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