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Easy Research Paper Topics: 25 Questions You Can Focus On

Have you got a research paper to write? If so, you might be having trouble coming up with a good topic. To help you make your decision, you should focus on two elements: 1) The topic needs to be easily researchable. 2) It should be something you are passionate about.

That might sound easy enough then, but that can still apply to a multitude of topics. To get the ball rolling, here are 25 great research paper ideas:

  • Will humans continuously evolve?
  • Will all humans eventually be partially robotic?
  • What is Dark Energy?
  • Why was the Alexandrian Library destroyed?
  • Is there evidence that demi-gods of the past were actually aliens?
  • Could we be living in a computer simulated Matrix world?
  • Why did George W Bush win a second term in office?
  • How will stem cell research be used in the future?
  • Is social media addictive?
  • How did Adolf Hitler come to power?
  • How does a lion hunt?
  • Is Global Warming real?
  • Is Global Cooling real?
  • Why have the plays of Shakespeare endured?
  • What did Nietzsche believe?
  • How did the concept of zero change mathematics?
  • What happened to the Mayans?
  • Should there be more control of internet security?
  • How were the Giza pyramids built?
  • Can violent video games cause violence?
  • Why was the Eiffel Tower built?
  • Why are there so many denominations of Christianity?
  • Do phone masts cause cancer?
  • Why are bees dying out?
  • Should there be tighter gun control in the U.S?

Those are just a few suggestions to get you thinking, but it might be worth your while to look at other topic questions before you decide on what subject to select. On the web you will find plenty of lists for topic ideas. Have a look on trusted educational websites to be sure you are getting the very best ideas. You could also look at student papers online and in your campus library. See what other students have written about and which ones have been successful.

Remember that you should pick a subject that you’re passionate about, as this will clearly come through in your writing, as well as it being a topic that you can find lots of information on. You also need to be as fresh as possible. This might mean picking a popular topic, but coming at it from a unique angle, or it could be that the topic itself is more obscure or specialized.

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